Attendant/Operator Console

The Touch screen IP based Attendant Console, by IPTrade, is a state of the art communication services device that is designed to help operators, receptionists, help desk agents, executive assistants, dispatchers or command and control center agents to increase their efficiency and effectiveness to fulfill their daily job duties for call handling in a much efficient way.

The Unified Communicator “Turret”, by IP Trade, is the optimal solution as an Attendant Console to serve operators, services desk agents, or receptionists to perform their duties efficiently, smoothly and in a timely fashion. The Attendant Console is an advanced SIP-based which enables users to efficiently handle a large number of calls. The Attendant Console integrates with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

The Attendant console offers but not limited to the following features and benefits:
  • IP voice that’s integrates with call control manager (i.e. CUCM)
  • Advanced contacts management
  • Intelligent and intuitive contact search mode – actively filters results as the details are entered
  • Line status indicators. The user can determine the telephony presence of each contact and make a decision how to best handle the call.
  • The Green status indicates the contact is free to accept a call
  • The Orange status indicates that the contact is already on an established call and may not be able to accept an additional call
  • The Red status indicates the contact is busy and cannot accept any calls
  • The Grey indicates that the contact is not logged in
  • Multi Call handling and managing
  • Full access to corporate directory (LDAP integration)
  • Option to import contact using .csv file
  • Advanced call history and access to voice mail
  • Ability to integrate to a CRM platform
  • Messaging capabilities such as email
  • Call History view
  • Forwarding rules for routing calls. It can be installed for don’t disturb mode
  • The administration of the console is easily controlled through the embedded user interface using a browser
  • Customize the layout interface
  • The console using colors for easy management of the queues
  • If a previously transferred call is routed back to a queue because nobody answered, the attendant may choose to offer the option to reach the contact on an alternate number.
  • The console allows you to monitor special lines. An assistant may have to monitor numerous lines for an executive