Dashboards & Wallboards

This solution, by 2Ring, serves for calculating & displaying real-time data and statistics for agents and calls in Cisco UCCE and UCCX environments. Create a unique layout with KPIs based on contact center, ERP or ticketing system data, pictures, message tickers, YouTube videos, flash and web content, and even PowerPoint slides.

Access Real-Time Data from Anywhere – WEB Client allows you to be connected to the contact center from wherever. All that without installing a platform specific app. All that without worrying about screen resolutions – all content automatically resizes to the space you can give it.

The configuration tool is web-based. The tool was designed with business users in mind. A lot every day operational changes in a contact center can be implemented without having the IT department involved.

Dashboard & Wallboard features include but limited to the following:


  • Create and adjust Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Set up thresholds – good, neutral, bad values
  • Make visual /design changes – background color and font type, size, color
  • Create and adjust Grids
  • Display a filtered and sorted list of agents or queues with auto-paging option
  • Create and adjust Message Tickers / Marquees
  • Send text messages to message tickers in real-time
  • Create and adjust Layouts
  • Assign appropriate content to each frame
  • Register External Content
  • Arrange screens into “screen groups” and assign them layouts