Facial Recognition for Safety & Security

The SAFR Solution

The SAFR platform

Secure, accurate facial recognition

The SAFR Platform is a highly accurate, machine learning facial recognition platform distinguished from other solutions by its accuracy and performance while recognizing faces in motion, in live video, unconstrained, occluded, in low light, or otherwise camera unaware.


Facial recognition for the real world.


Dependable accuracy and performance are central to any viable recognition solution. Latency, false positives, and questionable results render a system unusable.


The SAFR Platform is architected to distribute the workload in a more cost-efficient way. The hard work of image processing is supported by edgeware that processes video streams closer to the source, which greatly reduces overheard and bandwidth requirements.


SAFR can be installed on macOS, Windows, or Linux and can be deployed on premises, in the SAFR cloud, or in your cloud.

Recognizing Bias

  • Conscious and unconscious bias are often cited as flaws with facial recognition technology and systems
  • Bias can be minimized through proper training and greater exposure to diversity
  • The SAFR algorithm performed very well in the NIST test with respect to skin tone because it was taught with a large, diverse data pool of faces from all over the world.

Deployment Flexibility and Scalability

  2. SAFR Cloud
  3. Your Cloud

The SAFR platform is flexible. It supports multiple OS and hardware platforms, and can be adapted for different environments, applications, and use cases. SAFR can detect and match many faces in a single IP camera feed and scale to thousands of cameras and millions of faces.

Privacy & Data Security

SAFR employs a multi-tenant security regime. All face data and imagery is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Furthermore, the biometric face signature is kept separate from the face image used for its creation.

Access & Entitlement
Manage Access & Recognize Priority Customers

Lets reception staff make informed decisions

Easy integration into turnstile, door opening and Intercom Systems

User management interface (GUI and API)

Mobile & Tablet Apps for user registration

Two Factor Authentications

Local or Cloud Implementations

Use cases

Public Building & Workspaces

Loyalty and Recognition of High Value Customers

Stadium & Event Controls

Customer Segmentation

Digital Identification

Badge and Faces for Two Factor Authentication

Safety & Monitoring
Identify and create Notifications

Blacklist, White-List Management  (Assign differing threat levels)

Identify and Add suspicious persons

Easy creation of alerts and call to actions

Integration into Video Management Systems

Scalable to multiple cameras and locations

Onsite or Cloud Implementation

Use cases

Stadiums and major events

Airports and transportation

Education and governmental facilities

Company Campuses and permiter fencing

Retail and shopping malls

Terrorism, theft, hooliganism and anti social behaviour

Tracking & Analytics
Understand your customers

People, Age, Gender and Sentiment

User Journeys, Behaviours & Dwell Times

Recognize customers for loyalty and promotions

Digital Signage and Advertisement Interfaces

Full Anonymity (no user data saved or stored)

Local or Cloud Based Install

Use cases

Intelligence for retail

Single camera for advanced people counting

Multi Camera / Locations for detailed analytics

Customer Recommendations

Targetted Promotions


System Architecture

SAFR is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to detect and match millions of faces in real time.

Architectural Overview