Trading Communication Floor

Unified Communications & Collaboration For Financial Trading Enterprices Communication Solutions Designed for Financial Trading Enterprices

Application Control Plane

The core of the IP Trade solution comprises two scalable, high availability software applications: the Turret Proxy Openline (TPO) and the Turret Support Server (TSS). These virtualized applications reside on the customer’s unified computing servers anywhere on the network and integrate with the enterprise voice application to form a single, unified communications & collaboration platform for all staff irrespective of location, role or device.

Turret Proxy Open Line Server (TPO)

The TPO is the trading turret system feature controller with dynamic conferencing capability that provides the unique communication features, functions and workflow capabilities critical to success for financial traders; key features include: non-blocking trunking, support for multiple simultaneous talk paths, shared one-touch connections and speed dial directories, expanded barge-in and ad hoc conferencing, hoot n holler, intercom, and voice recording integration. The TPO is recognized as a native SIP device on the enterprise voice application, so virtually all features and applications available to IP phone users are extended to turret users and they can all share lines and show presence.

Turret Support Server (TSS)

The TSS is a web-based management and database application that enables system configuration and management while acting as a central repository for user profiles, enabling secure user authentication and storing system data. The TSS is also a gateway to other enterprise information systems and applications that may be integrated into the trading floor environment.

IP Trade Turret Desktop

IP Trade offers traders a purpose-built, high-capacity user interface with rich graphical touch screen that unifies voice, video and data communications in a compact, easy-to-use and customizable form factor.

The turret enables trading professionals to quickly and easily visualize, prioritize and process simultaneous streams of communication using a handset, headset, microphone or combination.
  • Context-Sensitive User Interface
  • Supports Multimedia Collaboration
  • Max. 32 Simultaneous Media Streams
  • Max. 10,000 Lines/Speed Dials
  • Individual and Group Profiles
  • Dynamic Conferencing and Intercom
  • Enhanced Line Sharing and Barge-In
  • Video Collaboration
  • Presence/IM/Mobility Application Integration
  • Integrates with CRM, Contact Directories
  • Recorder Interoperability and Playback