GSM (Multi-Operator) & GIS Tracking & Management

Mobile Location

All telephone operators (compatible with existing GMLC, SMLC, Cell-Id technologies, etc.)

The Mobile of the target “becomes” a virtual electronic tracking bracelet in compliance with the legislation in force

Secure access from all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers or mobile by SMS, etc.)

For police, customs, security and intelligence agencies.

Different Administration Cases

Autonomous platform hosted and operated by IT LEA administrators team  for French and export markets.
Autonomous platform integrated, hosted and operated by a local partner for export markets.
1.Platform hosted and operated by Deveryware IT administrators team for French judicial orders.

French Judicial Case

The  French Judicial Market Use Case

  • 15 years of collaboration with more than 2,500 operational departments of local police, federal police and customs including more than 6,000 police officer users.

  • Thousands of mobile phones and hundreds of trackers located in cooperative and non-cooperative mode.

Speeds Up Investigations For:



1.Narcotic drug trafficking



But also:

  • Homicides, murders, etc.
  • Criminal gangs
  • Procuring, paedophilia
  • Abductions, kidnappings
  • Financial crime
  • Theft and stolen goods
  • Search for missing persons
  • Violence, threats, etc.

Main benefits:

  • Detection of travel habits with no physical contact with the target
  • Electronic shadowing
  • Concentration of ground teams in key places
  • Border crossings
  • Warning in case of unusual events

Management and View :  WebAccess

  • Registration and configuration of Mobiles
    and trackers
  • Adaptable map visualisation
  • Viewing of histories and reports
  • Creation and management of smart alerts
  • Multiple account management…

How to increase efficiency?

Clustering of Data from Clouds



  • Improve Internal Understanding
  • Real-Time Employee Feedback
  • Measure Staff Capability
  • Mandatory / Optional / Anonymous
  • Recur Until Completed Ensures High Completion Levels
  • Single / Multi / Free form Response Fields


Increase the Crime-Solving Rate of Investigations
  • A solution target oriented
  • Already a big data service provider
  • Only deal in legal framework
  • Can de delivered on SAAS mode or fully autonomous platform
  • Target a high volume of police investigators
  • Easy hands on via remote access & tutorials
  • Can retrieve from past to guess future