IPCC Call Recording

This Contact Center Call Recording solution, by ZOOM International, is a robust, scalable and easy to use solution that meets your service challenges as well as compliance obligations. Since a contact center is a strategic connection point between service providers and clients, every conversation contains a wealth of data that is worth capturing. It also supports analysis tools to help managers improve the quality of services provided by their subordinates.

Here is why you should consider ZOOM for call recording in a contact center environment:

SECURITY: Secure your data from unauthorized access by enabling data encryption. Leverage audit trails and automatic pause and resume functionality to record only what you are allowed to.

HIGH AVAILABILITY: Ensure 100% reliability in critical environments. Maintain redundancy utilizing our unique high availability design to make sure no single call is missed.

CONTACT CENTER INTEGRATION: Gain deeper understanding of the recorded calls thanks to integration with contact center platforms such as Cisco UCCE & UCCX, Genesys and Avaya.

MEDIA LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT: Define specific retention policies based on the business data attached to each interaction in order to ensure compliance and to optimize storage space.

MULTI-LOCATION: While recording calls in multiple branch offices or contact center locations you will benefit from a centrally managed system that synchronizes all the interactions into one central place.