Voice, Video, and TelePresence Recording

This Voice and Video recording solution called CARIN, by TC&C, not only supports Cisco CUCM but also it supports Avaya, BroadSoft, IP Trade and any SIP compliant telephony solution. Its unique features include: recording Cisco TelePresence sessions and video calls, high volume processing, efficient multi-site support, reliable and scalable architecture, secured data access, feature-rich control from an IP phone, high availability option and hosted/multi-tenant capabilities. It meets up with the requirements of industries such as banking, insurance, government, application service providers, and more.

Here are some of features and benefits of CARIN:
  • CARIN is designed to support todays IT infrastructures, which are utilizing common and standard HW infrastructure and virtualization. With CARIN, you can choose your server platform and you are also allowed to deploy CARIN on VMware systems. No more hidden, proprietary HW costs and limitations resulting low total cost of ownership coupled with easy operation and maintenance.
  • CARIN has been a unified call recording, analysis and archive system suitable for enterprises and service providers using the latest integrated voice and data network technologies.
  • CARIN is the only call recording suite, which provides a unified approach for all types of media: voice, video and telepresence. In addition, CARIN is able to record screen content of the contact center agents’ desktop.
  • CARIN is a premier recording solution supporting the major telephony platforms including: Cisco, Avaya, IP Trade, BroadSoft and any other SIP compliant system.
  • Users can search and play back recordings any time from any location via a sophisticated web interface. The system utilizes an integrated media player, which provides advanced features like: playback control, speed control, channel mute, annotated bookmarks, etc. Recordings can be easily searched with a user friendly interface offering various options for listing the records: my calls, users calls, timeline viewer, etc.
  • Media can be played back from any Windows PC using either Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.